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[Eklund] Ales Hemsky for Ryan Miller?

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Source:Hemsky for Ryan Miller? Not Impossible:

Last year Ryan Miller gave a list of ten teams he would not accept a trade to...I am being told he is being asked or will soon be asked to consider that list again and the possibility of playing for the Oilers who I hear are looking to make a swap involving Hemsky...(the deal would also include prospects swapping places as well.)

At first glance Edmonton would be an odd place for Miller to go, but do understand Miller wants a shot to show his worth this year both to prove the Sabres wrong and to win the USA Olympic starting or backup spot.

Currently Jonathan Quick is penciled in as #1 with Miller and Howard fighting it out for 2/3. Miller's experience and performance in Vancouver three years ago is reason to believe he still has a shot at the top spot as well...

Making this possibility even more intriguing...

Hemsky, according to sources familiar, does believe he is getting traded and is being told the decision is up to "the player he is being traded for.."

That doesn't mean Miller of course, but it is possible...


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