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What's your 'type'?

Mainly Mattias

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I like women who are about 5ft 5 to 5ft 9 . Blond but honestly I dont care. All women are sexy.

White because I am white but when it comes down to it, I dont care. All women are sexy.

I think what are musts for me is her face eyes and her brain. If she has a beautiful smle, sparkling eyes and I can make her laugh, I am a happy man

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I like girls who readily and brightly smile, that shows me that they're approachable and also attracts me to want to make them smile/ laugh more. Also like those with eyes that sparkle, and even better if they have athletic builds (not muscular though, and this is more optional-- as long as they're not overweight). Honesty, interest in learning new things and with an interest of some sort, I don't want them to just define themselves by me.

Not into hyper/ domineering/ nagging/ overly chatty girls, and it would be sweet if they were Korean/ Japanese/ Taiwanese (but knew English :frantic:)

Looking forward to the day when I meet this young lady B)

EDIT: AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNDD... it boils down to this

I like the type that's into me (given that they're healthy weight and not clingy/ obsessive).

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