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It's just a matter if time before Jensen, Gaunce, Horvat and Shinkaruk are traded


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We gave up Hodgson, Grabner and Schneider

We now have Kassian, Horvat, Jensen, Shinkurak, Schroeder, Gaunce, Lack, and Eriksson.

Any one of those centers could end up being better than Hodgson, and one of those wingers will likely be better than Grabner. Plus we still have two young stud Swedish goalies who are on the brink of making the NHL. I don't see a problem with that.

We've got a brighter future than I can ever remember this team having.

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I'm just going by history on this one. It's a trend I established after hours of research. You see since GMMG took over he has traded:

- White

- Grabner

- 1st round pick (w/ Grabner)

- Hodgson

- Schneider

I'm just waiting for Schroeder to be traded and pretty soon, MG will get to the new blood he got for his 1st rounder trading frenzy.

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