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Splitting up the Sedins


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I know this is an idea that has been thrown around before, but I really think it's something that should be implemented this year.

Everyone talks about certain players chemistry together. Toews and Kane. Datsyuk and Zetterberg. But the truth is these guys barely ever play on the same line. They get put together for PP and that's pretty well it. By doing this they insure a much more balanced line-up. That whole don't put your eggs in one basket thing.

This is what I feel the line-up should look like come October.

Booth H.Sedin Kassian

D. Sedin Kesler Burrows

Higgins Schroeder Hansen

Sestito Richardson Weise

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Tanev Weber


Then throw the Sedins back together for the PP and first shift after PK.

I feel this would really balance the offense on the team. I especially feel that having Daniel on the 2nd line would really help out Kesler. Kesler isn't much of a play maker so having Daniel would help him. He thrives while playing with intelligent players(eg Samuelsson, Demitra, Sundin). And obviously he and Burrows have good chemistry together. Henrik between Booth and Kass is an experiment, but if it doesn't work out there's many options in changes. What with the influx of youth and guys like Higgins and Hansen that can move up the lineup finding something that works shouldn't be a problem.

I'm also thinking that come playoff time this lineup would suit our team much better. The Sedins game is pretty good in the regular season, but it becomes less effective in the playoffs.

Anyway we'll see what happens, but I hope Torts will try this out.

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I'd personally like to see it happen. It allows our best passer (Henrik) to play with other players. He had his best season playing without Daniel. It will also put another scoring threat on Kesler's line. Daniel is someone Kesler can have confidence in passing the puck to and know he'll do something smart with it

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Not a fan of your lineup because, in general, Henrik is the setup guy, while Daniel is the finisher, and splitting them up to pair up the goalscorer with Kesler, imo, is a bass ackwards concept. General consensus would seem to be that what Kesler needs is a playmaker winger, and sacrificing Daniel's goal scoring with Hank to play that role for Kesler - imo not a great solution to the second line. Therefore I prefer a top six that, given the roster, looks more like...

Daniel Henrik Burrows

Booth Kesler Schroeder

and believe that a healthy Booth and Kesler could be a deadly line with the right RW.

I'd also want the best goal scorers on a line with one of the premier playmaking centers in the world, and don't agree that the Canucks only have a couple of eggs to work with.

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Were you not there when Hank played the majority of the season without Daniel, he won the art ross and hart...just sayin'.

I'd like to see if it'd work, Daniel is a passer before

shooter even though he is considered the scorer of the brothers. I'm not the only one yelling at the tv for him and henrik to shoot more.

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Long been waiting for a coach who'd try this at times.

Could go back to twins during pp's & even 3rd periods, after a game's pace has picked up(& rival D may be tired to stop the cycle). Why not at least experiment( maybe 20~30 games throughout reg season); particularly if we get up a couple, early on?

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