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BC Lions crowd?


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Meh, seen the same thing happen in the NFL.

I wouldn't mind seeing it changed from 6 teams to 4 teams that make the playoffs. Will never happen though. The CFL, TSN, and the teams make far too much money of of those games.

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I wasn't aware that three times in NFL history shows a trend? Two of those teams were in the strike shortened season in 1982

(The Browns and Lions). The Seattle Seahawks did it in 2010 with a 7-9 record because of a weak division.

My reasons for not liking the CFL are:

1) I like four downs and a smaller field. There's more to football than the passing game. Having a strong running game is entertaining as well. Games are decided by the offensive and defensive lines.

2) Wide receivers get a running start. WTF?

3) 1 point for getting the football in the end zone? WTF?

I admire the players for getting lousy wages and really playing for the love of the game.

But honestly the NFL and CFL suck compared to Rugby. No pads, no forward passes. It's truly a team game. Less stoppages in play, and the whole team plays.

And we can beat the US in Rugby. ;)

Besides you get stuff like the Haka. That's worth the price of admission alone!

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