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Woman falls to death on the Chief


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Woman falls to her death from Chief in Squamish


Police are appealing for assistance as they try to identify a woman who fell to her death off the Stawamus Chief in Squamish on Sunday.

"The female is described as approximately mid-30s to late-30s, wearing [blue shorts] and a blue T-shirt, dark curly hair and Caucasian," said RCMP Sgt. Wayne Pride.

Police aren't even sure if she was hiking or climbing.

"There was no climbing apparatus, any equipment that was in her possession," Pride said.

The granite dome, popular with hikers and rock climbers, towers over Howe Sound offering spectacular views from the top.

Earlier reports from search and rescue officials said the woman fell from an area known as Bellygood Ledge on the Grand Wall, which has a drop of about 500 metres.

A helicopter had to be brought in to airlift the woman's body out of the treacherous terrain.

But Pride said he could not confirm the reports.

He said it appears that the woman was on her own, which is making it hard to figure out exactly what happened.

Police say they are checking the license plates of cars in the parking lots, and looking over missing person reports.

Until they figure out who she is, and what she was doing, police say it's hard to give specific warnings, but Pride does want to remind others to be prepared.

"Bring the proper equipment, and we want to reiterate, hike with a friend," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP.


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Free climbers have a death wish, its not a matter of if they will fall but when... this free climber was saved that day.

On a side note something very similar happened to me. In Goldstream park there is a train trestle and I was hiking past it, when I noticed there was a buddy with his rope tied around the track hanging off the trestle (about 300+ ft. drop) I knew that the train always came by about 5:30 and it was just about that time. So I yelled down to him that I think the train is coming (wasn't 100% sure it was and I thought he probably had info on the train that I didn't). So he climbed back up and just as he unattached his rope from the track the train came around the corner and passed right on time. he definitely would have fallen to his death if the train ran over his rope.

As for on topic I agree it looks like suicide.

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I climbed the chief two years ago and at the top there are many steep edges and not much flat area. She may have just been hiking and fell off. I remember dropping my water bottle and it just rolled down the slope and off the edge, no way i was going to risk trying to get it.

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