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Best concert you've been to?


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KISS at VFL park in 1979 - Dead Kennedys in 1981 at the prince of wales , The Damned sometime in the mid-80s , Pink Floyd 1988 , Midnight oil gigs before 1990 , Any Tism show through the 90's, Jack Johnson early naughties, NOFX 98, 2007 and the 2009 gig with bad religion at the palace theatre was insane and Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of medicine a couple of months ago at the Corner hotel , the encore was about 10 DK classics

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Frank Zappa at the Pacific Coliseum - his band was ridiculously talented, probably the best I've seen

Chili Peppers at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC - naked people everywhere, the whole crowd outside the VIP area was the mosh pit

Johnny Cash and Beck in Austin, TX - at the SXSW festival in 1994, Cash still had a lot of life in him

Garbage at the Metropolis in Mtl - for their 2nd record, went there with a huge crowd of people, it was like a private show

Paul Simon - Steve Gadd was playing drums, huge fan of that guy

I saw Zappa when I was pretty young, maybe my 10th concert out of 1000+, but it left a lasting impression

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1......Jimmy Buffett at the Gorge in Wash State..........2nd row center

2......Jimmy Buffett at the old Paramont in Seattle in the later 80's.....small venue before he was too famous

3......Blue Rodeo playing a small bar in Bellingham

4......Randy Bachman Tour this past year........played and told stories about the best songs of BTO and the Guess Who.

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First concert, KISS with Cheap Trick @ the Pacific Colosseum in 1977!

Pink Floyd Division Bell tour @ BC Place.

Roger Waters at Expo 86 Amphitheater

Van Halen 1984 at Pacific Colosseum

The Who at Pacific Colesseum (they had a lottery for people just to buy tickets - my friend won)

Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" @ Seattle King Dome

Ozzy Osbourne (twice) first time at Kerrisdale Arena just after he left Sabbath then his next tour at the Pacific Colosseum - where I snuck backstage!

David Bowie at BC Place

Judas Priest at Pacific Colosseum

Taking my daughter to her first rock concert - Def Leppard at the Calgary Saddledome

Saw a whole whack of others, Pat Benatar, Heart, Supertramp, Springsteen, Bob Segar, AC/DC and more!

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Since everyone is naming more than one

(super hard to pick just one, I know)

-Iron Maiden- Assen, Netherlands

-Metallic- Dublin, Ireland

-Rage Against The Machine- Indio, California

-Tragically Hip- Portland, Oregon

(700 person venue, got to chat with G.Downie)

Foo Fighters -Vancouver, BC

(back stage, helped the band finish all the beer in the fridge hahaha)

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Elton John, 1972 in a small theatre/benefit concert, in London with Princess Margaret of all people in attendance. Then again when he did his Yellow Brick Road tour. Rod Stewart with Faces at the PC in and around '70. Roger Waters, with part of Floyd at BC Place in 1994, in fact the last two times he was through here. People in Berlin still talk about "the Wall concert in 1989. Saw the tail end of Don MacLean in the Royal Albert Hall, the sound was incredible. The Eagles in '03 was great, seats were better, almost sitting on the stage. Would have loved to have seen the Beatles anywhere, especially around their Sgt Pepper times, the Stones at BC Place the sound was terrible although it could have been where we were sitting in the nosebleeds. Queen would have been a great concert to get to see also. Too many to remember, and the first one ever was Iron Butterfly in the old PNE Gardens.

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