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[Re-Signing] Canucks sign Archibald


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I'm happy we have Archibald under contract. He showed good finish and strong skating during his time down in Chicago. (I know, sounds like the typical analysis, but I'd be happy with him competing for a 4th line job on a regular basis). I actually expected him to be called up at least once last year due to injuries and whatnot. Hope he makes a strong case for 1st/2nd call-up in the upcoming season.

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Sestito does not deserve a spot on the roster, he's a plug. The only time he's put up solid numbers was in his final season in junior. Likely because he was able to dominate much smaller forwards.

At 25 years old, he's done nothing but regress in his development since then. If he was an amazing fighter that would be one thing, but he's just average at best.

This is Gillis not willing to admit that one of his waiver reclamation projects is a plug. And to think we essentially gave up a much more promising Volpatti for him sucks.

His spot should go to one of our young guys like Archibald, Mallet, or Blomstrand.

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