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NHL logo from Pokemon!

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They should use this for these teams:

bayleef.jpg= Toronto Maple Bayleafs

053Persian.png = Florida Panthsians

089Muk.png = Edmonton Muklers

kingdra.jpg= LA Kingdras

319Sharpedo.png = San Jose Sharkpedos

647Keldeo-Resolute.png = NY Isleldeos (it got the NYI colours and the horn part kinda resemble the shape of the Long Island, replace it with the shape! lol)

amoonguss.jpg = Montreal Haboonguss (The Pokeball kinda look like the Habs' logo, it got the red and the "C," replace that whole thing and you got a pokemon for Montreal!)

pangoro.jpg = Minnesota Pangorild

minebadge.png = New York Rangers Badge (as a Pokemon Gym Badge, heh)

I can't seem to find anything that's resemble to the Ottawa Senators..

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