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Man Must Pay $8000 For Saying Panhandler Should Be Shot


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It's "freedom of expression" not "free speech" and as OT said, it's limited to not infringing on the rights of others.

I find it curious that when people see homeless they're upset... as if they're getting a "free ride." If it is such a good deal, why not try it out for a few months? The bottom line is, I'd never change places with that lady, not for 8000 dollars, not for a million.

That being said, I'm all for trying to "find work" for these people when possible, I think it would be good for everyone involved. Like someone else suggested - maybe helping with recycling? Something drop-in style so there's no commitment, but available when there's motivation. Anyways, just thinking out loud!

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Funny thing, I was going to reply simply, "Some of you need to be shot in the neck" as a satirical comment on some of these hateful people commenting here. Except, I realized that saying that alone, with no context, would cause one of those people to get upset and report my post for being hateful because they don't recognize my "freedom of speech".

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