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Awesome Luongo Tweet


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Strombone@strombone1 5h

I have 10 spots left for my yahoo fantasy football league. If you want in let me know why I should pick you. I'm looking for serious players

And then he Tweets this:

Strombone@strombone1 5m

Just a quick side note. I've disabled "trades" in my football league just because...... Well......you know.......

You've gotta love him, Also queue the "does this need a thread"-posts... YES IT DOES, you know why? 'Cause Luo is awesome, that's why!

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I've said this before and I'll say it again, I Liked Schneider ALOT more than Luongo... until he got twitter.

He's really grown on me since I've gotten to know the lighter side of him, he seems like a really cool guy, and definitely the type of guy that can provide leadership to the team; I get why he was picked as Captain at one point, too.

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