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I can't say that it's never happened in the industry but as a Head Chef, if anyone did that in my kitchen they would be fired on the spot and I would do everything I could to make sure they never worked in kitchens again. That type of crap is completely unacceptable. This industry is a work of love and passion and stuff like that is pathetic

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Interesting, the reason I ask is because I read an article recently about people doing it to the described persons whom they'd have served above. I worked in fast food for my first ever job, I never did it because I mean, as much as I said I would, it's not in my nature, but I dealt with some pretty brutal customers, ones who deserved the food thrown in their face. I understand fast food is different, but the article I read was more relating to your line of work.

I fully respect your perspective of the situation if it occurred, and honestly I'd expect nothing less, especially from a Head Chef.

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When I order calamari, the deep fried kind, why do some places give me a red or plum dipping sauce instead of the standard, and super delicious, white creamy type sauce. Its one of my pet peeves as this is the one greasy food I pretty well ever eat and so many places mess it up.

EDIT: to remove the sites dumb replacement of a bad word.

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