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Mafia: The Establishment


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*** First off, Sorry for the ambiguity. I have been counting votes up to 1030. However, for this round because it is deciding between whether its a tie or not, I have decided to count votes only up to 10. The reason for this is because this round has very little kills and the game should get moving. (SORRY INTOEWSABLES!!) Anyhow, from now on, I will count votes up until 1030 and i will change the rules as soon as I post this.***

Intoewsables was being dragged on his hands and knees up to the center stage...It was the annual sacrifice to T-Rex, the almighty... T-Rex loved bbq'd Intoewsables and was excited for his meal...The town took turns spraying PAM: America's favorite cooking oil, on the grill. And BOOOM. Intoewsables is bbq'd to a medium rare covered with Nando's Chickens famous Peri Peri medium spicy sauce... Om Nom Nom Nom.... Intoewsables is dead....

The mafia dislikes Kryten because of the amount of Ferrero Rocher he eats... The mafia took exception to this and wrapped Kryten in the gold paper that comes with Ferror Rocher and sells him to the pirates claiming it as a bar of gold.... The pirates liked this but decided to test whether its real gold by dunking it in a hot coca cola bath...where Kryten drowns...

After the mafia left, the pirate revealed himself to be the serial killer... He was just glad someone did his dirty work for him today....

Intoewsables is BBQ'd

Kryten is killed by Mafia

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1. Alchemy Time

2. Where's Wellwood

3. Peaches

4. Go Faulk Yourself.

5. mau5trap

6. Kiwis

7. JE14

8. Apples

9. Captain Aerosex [TP]

10. Kryten [TP]

11. Intoewsables [TP]

12. MikeyBoy44

13. Federer

14. Gally

15. Beluga Whale

16. Crom!

17. Master Radishes [Mafia]


19. VICanucksfan5551

20.TheDeadman [TP]

21. CaboosE

22. NightHawkSniper

23. Reigning Champ

24. Shiznak

25. SOB for MVP

26. Lemons

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