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Mafia: The Establishment


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Assumptions right out left field. I don't see why you guys think I'm mafia when I've given no reason to make you believe I am. Remember, I voted MR in round 1 and he ended up being mafia, so I don't see why you'd all think this. You guys believe what you want though.

Either way I'll Vote Reigning Champ

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vote Go Faulk Yourself

However, even if GFY is TP, we shouldn't all jump on Beluga Whale. TP's can make mistakes too. Plus it'd be a very risky mafia plan for a mafia to bluntly say so-and-so (who's a TP) admitted to me he's mafia, b/c once so-and-so (in this case, GFY) is lynched, the accuser would become an instant target.

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