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Mafia: The Establishment


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vote Go Faulk Yourself

However, even if GFY is TP, we shouldn't all jump on Beluga Whale. TP's can make mistakes too. Plus it'd be a very risky mafia plan for a mafia to bluntly say so-and-so (who's a TP) admitted to me he's mafia, b/c once so-and-so (in this case, GFY) is lynched, the accuser would become an instant target.

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It won't matter either way, I'm dead in the next two rounds. The way the voting goes with all the sheep votes is the person who got the second most votes round previous gets lynched the following round.

All I can ask you is to not be a sheep and do that to me, as I've warranted no reason for it, but it's the way the game has been going so I won't be surprised if it happens. Anyways I have to go to bed I got work in the morning. Will be interesting to see where peoples votes lie.

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I was involved in the PM with BW and Go Faulk Yourself, but I didn't see the suspicious posts because I was asleep. It's kinda strange that GFY voted off MR, but I told him in the PM that if he ever did anything that would make me suspect he was mafia, he was done.


Edit: If he turns out to be TP, I don't know. Can't see why BW & WW would lie about this.

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To those voting RC because he could be the SK, listen up.

He'll be god-killed this round if he doesn't vote. Vote him next round if he does.

If the SK and Vig are dead like I suspect, we will have to vote the person who is most likely to be mafia. We don't have a ton of chances to win.

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I'm going away soon and won't be able to go on the computer very much, so T-rex, can you give me a little more time for votes before god-kills? I'd just like to be able to vote every three days instead of two before I'm god-killed.

I may be able to go on more often than that, but this is just in case.

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Here's a tip for bolding on mobile:

Step 1: Find a post that has something bolded.

Step 2: Quote it.

Step 3: Delete the quote tags.

Step 4: Edit it to what you want inside inside the bold tags.

Step 5: Post.

Voila. Bolded post on mobile. That's what I do for most votes.

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