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Mafia: The Establishment


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Here's a tip for bolding on mobile:

Step 1: Find a post that has something bolded.

Step 2: Quote it.

Step 3: Delete the quote tags.

Step 4: Edit it to what you want inside inside the bold tags.

Step 5: Post.

Voila. Bolded post on mobile. That's what I do for most votes.

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Once upon a time I was talking to GFY on Xbl, he told me he was the sheriff and he investigated me first, like what I did to him last round. I still wasn't sure whether to believe him or not so I made up a lie that I was the Twin Blade with a plan in mind. Later on I got a little suspicious of GFY so I bluffed and told him that sheriff investigations on the Twinblade reveal the Twinblade and not just a TP (which isn't true), and said I knew he was mafia. He thought that was the truth and pretty much gave up right there and admitted to being mafia.

Also right before I called out GFY, I heard from a TP that GFY was a fake and was pretending to be the sheriff. He also said had been in contact with the real sheriff who is now dead. After GFY admitted to being mafia that was all credible evidence.

If you can come up with a reason as to why I would do this if I was mafia, please tell me.

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