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How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?


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At a Canucks game.

She was actually being set-up by a mutual friend to meet my buddy who went to the game with me. We all sat in the same row and she sat beside my buddy. They talked all night while I enjoyed the game. I didn't say a word to her all night, then found out the next week that she was into me. Go figure.

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One of my best Army buddies was having his girlfriend out for a week long trip end of August 2010 and she was bringing her friend who she played Uni hockey with out East and we were both getting out of brutal relationships so figured they might be able to set us up. I couldn't have been in a worse state than I was that summer, Just got back from Afghanistan a few months before, fat, smoked, didn't really care about anything...But we had so much fun together that week and then she went home to Ontario, we would text a couple times a day then finally we just decided we would do the distance thing for her remaining 2 years in College and we made it work. We have been together almost 3 years now and she is living on the Island with me and we couldn't be happier!

Small world fun fact: A guy who I worked with in Afghanistan, his sister played hockey with my gf in NB. ALSO another guy, a Captain, came mid tour to run the Task Force Kanadahar TOC (Tactical Operations Center) who I had talked to a bit while I was over there, found out that he is my gf's cousin hahaha. Very random!

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Guest Gumballthechewy

I knew my last girlfriend since, like, 3rd grade, I always had a thing for her but back then I was a wuss. My friend ended up dating her for a few years then they split up, I grew a pair and we started going out.

And now she's gone, on to the next.

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