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Alright let's settle it! Who plays with the Sedins this year?


Who should play with the Sedins?  

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We all know it's probably down to Burrows and Kassian but Hansen and Higgins have both played with them in the past.

My vote goes to Kassian and here's why.

He showed flashes of brilliance with the Sedins early last year until AV gave him 4th line duties. The trio showed signs of chemistry that I believe can only get better. Kassian has the hands to set up plays and finish and the physicality to retrieve pucks, but most importantly he has one mean mug and 2 fists to back it up! The Sedins get pummelled night in, night out and as much as I admire the Alex Burrows and Trent Klatts of the world, they don't exactly intimidate anyone on the ice. The Sedins have been on a slight decline the last few years...could it be because their bodies are finally breaking down? Kassian would finally give them the protection that they need, especially at this stage of their careers and probably put up 50+ points to boot.

Now onto Borrows. To me, he ranks up there with Linden and Bure as my favorite Canucks of all time. But to me it's clear that on this team, he belongs on the 2nd line. Burrows + Kesler + whoever is a BEAST of a 2nd line (offensive and defensive). Kesler and Burrows have unreal chemistry...they take each others game to the next level, something I'm not sure I can say about Kassian and Kesler.

Also, I believe our team would benefit most by having Higgins and Hansen on the 3rd line as they're both solid veteran checkers with offensive upside - perfectly suited for that role.


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I think we can all agree that the Sedins will produce whether they play with Burrows or Kassian. Can we say the same about Kesler and Kassian? Because we all know Burrows + Kesler works...

And can Burrows provide protection for the Sedins?

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Th Canucks NEED Kassian, or someone less likely, to step up and become a force with the Twins.

The 50 odd points Burrows seems to put up is adequate in some worlds. But having two of the worlds top 4 passing forwards on your line SCREAMS for something more dynamic. And physical as the Twins are 186 lbs each, not a force themselves; enter Kassian!

Further, Kesler needs a passer, which Burrows is pretty good at, and top rate defensive forward so it can be employed for what we would expect of a line with a Selke winner on it!

Other candidates in ascending order assuming it's not Burr; Jensen, Shinkaruk, Horvat...

Imagine being able to play Hank and Horvat together? B) The Twins could reliably take defensive draws...

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