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NHL 14 GM Connected "Prestige Worldwide" PLAY LEAGUE [XBOX360] (3 TEAMS AVAILABLE)

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Welcome to NHL 14: Prestige Worldwide GMC Play League.


Commissioner: Go Faulk Yourself

Assistant Commissioner: Beluga Whale

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

small.png Boston Bruins - Beluga Whale [ZSElite]

small.png Buffalo Sabres -

small.png Detroit Red Wings - GoGoats [brentusIMaximus]

small.png Florida Panthers - [C0nser]

small.png Montreal Canadiens - canucksfan9191 [sURREYKILLER91]

small.png Ottawa Senators - OurTimeToShine [DnMpimentel]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning -

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs - [Dagg9707]

Metropolitan Division

small.png Carolina Hurricanes - [Karangill189]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets - [EYE 4 N EYE]

small.png New Jersey Devils - [KrazyKLutch3]

small.png New York Islanders - [streifel91]

small.png New York Rangers - Patrick Kane [bizNagi]

small.png Philadelphia Flyers - [bobandyburgers]

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins - Touchet [T0UCHET]

small.png Washington Capitals - Zachfetch [Zfetch] (TEMP KICKED]

Western Conference

Central Division

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - Go Faulk Yourself [bull Smit]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - Ilya Kovalchuk.[Just GiiNDz]

small.png Dallas Stars - bdave [brett m8]

small.png Minnesota Wild - [XxReicKxX99]

small.png Nashville Predators - [xCAPTAIN FUFUx]

small.png St. Louis Blues - [CUMMINS x 7]

small.png Winnipeg Jets - [xXx89Heer94xXx]

Pacific Division

small.png Anaheim Ducks - suhwoopgoat [suhwoopGOAT]

small.png Calgary Flames -

small.png Edmonton Oilers - [brownTown92]

small.png Los Angeles Kings - [pSandhu91]

small.png Phoenix Coyotes - [Tugger686]

small.png San Jose Sharks - [WndyCityAssass1n]

small.png Vancouver Canucks - [Dplett91]



2013 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png New Jersey Devils – Mlsf83 [HADONETOMANY]

2014 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png Anaheim Ducks Touchet [T0UCHET]

2015 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png Pittsburgh Penguins Smashian Kassian [joshmac20]


2014 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png New York Rangers - Patrick Kane [bizNagi]

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  • No quitting games (unless against a CPU)
  • No using cheap defensive tactics, such as circling around in your zone while leading.
  • You must play all or most of your game for each set, unless you state that you're going to be unable to play for a certain amount of time.

Playoff Rules:


For the playoffs, I do expect people to finish their series as soon as possible, so we can progress the league to the next round of the playoffs. I expect people to atleast make an effort to play and finish the series as soon as possible, but at the same time, I understand that things do come up, and not always will people be on at the same time and available to play. Therefore I will make my own person judgement to when we will sim to the next round. The consensus is 5 days, but this is subject to change.

1. Quitting:

Quitting will result in two things; either you make up the game and give your opponent the win, or you can be booted from the league and your opponent will have an automatic series win. If a player loses connection during a playoff game while losing he must give his opponent the same lead he had prior to disconnecting. The player is also allowed to demand that he wants to start from the period and time when they disconnected. (EG: 3rd Period, 13:49 Mark)

2. Inactivity or unwillingness to play:

All games must be played and NO games will be left to SIM. You must make an attempt to schedule games with your opponent in order to finish the series before the 5 day mark. If the series cannot be completed before the deadline because of unexcused inactivity or evident unwillingness to play, temporary removal from the league may be necessary and the player who was willing to play will be given a series win.

If you believe your opponent has cheated or is cheating, take a photo/record it and send me the video. This is the only real way to monitor cheating.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When does the league sim at?

A: 7PM (PST) every 4 days, time might be subject to change if something comes up

Q: What about trading with computers, is that allowed?

A: No, you are not allowed to trade with computers, all trades will be rejected.

Q: Am I allowed to switch teams?

A: Please see the bottom of this post for further information.

Q: What is the league name?

A: "Prestige Worldwide", send your request to the league that is commissioned by "Bull Smit"


Regarding Glitch Goals:

Glitch goals have always been a hot topic in this league, so rather than me spitting out the same crap over and over about them, I will leave this here for anyone to read.

Glitch goals ARE allowed in this league, we do not have any way to properly enforce glitch goals at all, if that were the case regardless, everyone would probably be held accountable for attempting them at one point or another, so instead we've decided it's open season, however,we still feel that people SHOULD respect their opponent and not do them, but that's up to each of you individually.

To extend on the issue, if you cannot play defense, it's your own fault, you must learn how to play on both sides of the ice.


Quitting Against CPU's:

Quitting against a CPU is allowed, and you are allowed to do so as much as you want. CPU games are basically a free win at this point as we cannot monitor every single CPU game if people quit or not. It would be ridiculous to do so. So instead we've given everyone the green light to take the free win against a CPU, no matter how many times you need to quit.


Changing Teams/Co-GMing

When it comes to changing teams, as stated above, you are not allowed to do so, however, there is some leeway to that. You CAN switch teams if you did not do anything to change the face of your team. If you made any trades, signings, re-signings, etc, then you have claimed that team as yours, and you must live with what you chose. If you just joined the league in the middle of the season, usually I give someone one week to feel the team, so long as they don't make trades, they can still switch.

IF you decide to leave the league, and wish to come back later as a different team, you may, but you will be given a penalty for one season, and you may not rejoin until you have served that penalty. However, this penalty will not apply if you rejoin as the same team you left as.

When it comes to Co-GMing, if you decide to abandon your team to Co-GM with someone else in the league, then the same rules will apply if you decide to leave the league to GM a team on your own again, and you will need to wait one season or wait until your previous team is available, that is UNLESS you joined the league Co-GMing, which then you are free to select a team when one opens up


Regarding Trading:

Trading will have a cap rule instilled within the league that I will maintain. I will determine if a trade is fair or not. This does NOT mean you are not allowed to win trades, but you cannot simply go and fleece other players within the league, especially ones that are new to the league. With that being said, I will not be looking purely at overall when a player is traded. I will take into consideration the cap hit, individual stats and potential of that given player.

Do note that draft picks merit little to no value within the league as shown in previous NHL games that draft picks are indeed a wild card and our league will only probably run three to four seasons therefore most players will barely develop. This could change depending on the player development/potential game engine in NHL 14 if it proves to be different.

If you wish to argue a trade that I rejected, by all means do so, but I will not let people get fleeced like they did in NHL 13 and if I feel you are purposely scamming people of players that I continuously have to reject, action may be taken.


Inactivity Within The League:

In the past I was quite lenient with inactivity within the league. This time around there is going to be a set of rules, and if you do not follow them I will not hesitate to remove you from the league and forward your team to another individual willing to play.

With activity, each SIM is in 4 day intervals, therefore I will grant 3 days as the longest point of inactivity before action is taken against the individual. Afterwords, the person will be considered "Temp-Kicked" from the league, and the team will still remain theirs for 4 MORE DAYS. If the player does not reply to any messages that I WILL send, or I do not get a request from said player to join the league again within that timeframe, then they will forfeit their team. (WARNING: If you lose your team, you will fall under the rules of switching teams and therefore cannot re-join the league unless your original team is available, otherwise you must wait ONE season).

If you message me beforehand that you will be inactive for a certain period of time, then this rule will NOT APPLY to you. You will be temp-kicked from the league until you return from your inactive stint. This will only apply to if you are, for example, going on vacation, moving, etc..

Rules are subject to change at any given moment if the commissioner sees fit.

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New GM's who have never been apart of our league are not allowed to trade until after 2 SIMS have passed. This rule is not applicable to veteran GM's who have been with the league in the past and have a good track record with the league. ADDED: If the GM shows that they understand how to trade and value players properly (To put it bluntly, is not an idiot), then I'll allow them to go ahead and trade right away.


I have decided to introduce a new little status within the league that certain GM's (Most of you guys probably have this status already) will obtain. This status will mean that there will be some rule bending allowed between Veteran GM's. This rule is only really applicable to trading. New exceptions might arise as the league progresses, and you will be notified about that

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Nail Yakupov - Artem Anisimov - Marian Hossa

Loui Eriksson - Derick Brassard - Rick Nash

Chris Kreider - Matt Cullen - Jaromir Jagr

Ruslan Fedotenko - Brian Boyle - Erik Condra

Ryan McDonagh - Dion Phaneuf

Marc Staal - Mike Stone

John Moore - Michal Rozsival

Devyn Dubnyk

Alex Auld

2014 Stanley Cup Champions




Brad Richards 84


Artem Anisimov 83

Vaclav Prospal 82



Derek Stepan 86

Carl Hagelin 82

Benoit Pouliot 81


Loui Eriksson 86

Nikolai Kulemin 84

Torey Krug 70



Dan Girardi 88

Ryan Callahan 87


Marian Hossa 89

Michal Rozsival 81



Vaclav Prospal 82

Mats Zuccarello 77

Anton Stralman 78


Jaromir Jagr 82



Henrik Lundqvist 90


Devyn Dubnyk 84

Nail Yakupov 83



Mike Sauer 78

Justin Falk 78


Mike Stone 81



J.T. Miller 80

Dylan McIlrath 75

Roman Cervenka 79


Matt Cullen 82



Ryan Stanton 73


Erik Condra 78


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I'm not getting 14 this year. My Live will expire a few weeks after 14 releases, and I don't want to spend $120 on one game when I'm getting a PS4 around launch. Have fun in the new league though! It was great playing with you guys!

Understood, thanks for telling me ahead of time, you will be removed from the list accordingly.

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