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David Booth Health Status - Will He Be Ready for Season Opener?


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Yeah, I hope he's ready to go and I'm with you, I don't trust his ability to stay healthy. If we get ever get a full season out of him I'm interested to see what he brings. I still don't think we've even seen what he can offer. But he was training/skating last year, and he will be again. You don't get to this level without off-season training/power skating/skill set practice every summer. You simply will not keep up with the rest of the league. No matter how many animals he hunts or cliffs he jumps off of in his spare time, rest assured he is training and training hard. One of his knocks is that his work-outs can be too intense. I think we need to hope he's smart with how he's training, but we don't need to doubt that he is. Every player in the NHL is getting ready for September right now.

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At last count he was flying down the wing and getting himself with the puck to the net.

He just couldn't do anything with it from there, however with Kesler and Kassian or Burrows crashing the net Booth should be able to rack up some assists.

He really needs to work on his wrist shot accuracy, plenty hard plenty wide or high...

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Good for you lol finally someone that listens to the coach and manager

Management have stated the whole time the CANUCKS will start Booth out with Santorelli for to see if they can get the chemisry back

They have also said they will play Burr (on his natural left side) with Kess

As well as 2 or 3 young kids in the opening day roster (jensen Gaunce Horvat are my 3 guesses)

So with that in consideration it leaves us with an OPENING DAY forward lineup of something like (which IMO is not bad)

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Burrows Kesler Jensen

Booth Santorelli Gaunce/Horvat

Higgins Richardson Hansen

Thats almost a 1A 1B and a 3rd line scoring and a 3rd line checking

It will leave us ith a real strong team if it works or a real weak team if it does not go rite

And im hoping for the strong one



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I am not convinced that Booth is injury prone. That last one was a full sized and body armoured NHL'er falling on his ankle. Even Hank would have been sidelined for that one. It's the price for players that play in the dirty areas. Something Booth excells at, he goes to the net without fear and battles in the corners.

Granted, none of that is worth the paycheque yet, but I am hopeful that he'll have a career year.

That said, I wouldn't play TAPS for the season if he was moved.

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