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Bill Vander Zalm Say BC Hydro Out To Get Him


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A former premier feels BC Hydro has singled him out for a little pay back after some kind of device appeared on a power pole in front of his Delta home.

Bill Vander Zalm doesn’t know what the device is but he is worried it might be a microwave emitting router designed to collect Smart Meter information.

“I don’t mind the device but I don’t know what it is or what it is doing. I suspect it is a router or something to do with smart meters, if so it is sending radioactive waves all over the neighbourhood particularly where I live.”

He also feels due to his opposition to Smart Meters, BC Hydro is looking for a little retribution.

“If it is a Smart Meter router it serves a lot of Smart Meters. They could have gone a block South of where I live and be in an agricultural area. Or they could even have moved one pole North or one pole South but they h ad to place it right in front of my gate so that makes me a little suspicious.”

On Twitter Hydro spokesperson Simi Heer says the device is called a “switched capacitors” and it is not connected to Smart Meter network

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