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2013-14 pre-season with the 104-game slate opening on Saturday, September 14th


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Interesting - a game in Las Vegas:

The #‎NHL has released the schedule for the 16-day 2013-14 pre-season with the 104-game slate opening on Saturday, September 14th. The NHL regular season begins October 1st! Kraft #‎Hockeyville winners Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario, will celebrate the grand prize on the opening day of the schedule when the Washington #‎Capitals and Winnipeg #‎Jetsvisit their community and kickoff the pre-season in nearby Belleville, at Yardmen Arena. Full pre-season schedule here: http://ow.ly/nL8VC & for everything schedule related see http://www.hockeyrumorsandtrades.com/schedule

The schedule features several other contests that will be played outside NHL venues:

- Baltimore, Md. (#‎Bruins vs. Jets, Sept. 17)

- Barrie, Ont. (#‎Islanders vs. #‎Senators, Sept. 29)

- Brooklyn, N.Y. (#‎Devils vs. #Islanders, Sept. 21)

- Estero, Fla. (#‎Panthers vs. #‎Lightning, Sept. 26)

- Las Vegas, Nev. (#‎Kings vs. #‎Rangers, Sept. 27 and #Kings vs.#‎Avalanche, Sept. 28)

- London, Ont. (#‎Flyers vs. #‎Leafs, Sept. 15)

- Oklahoma City, Okla. (#‎Stars vs. #‎Oilers, Sept. 27)

- Orlando, Fla. (#‎Blues vs. #Lightning, Sept. 18)

- Quebec City, Que. (#‎Hurricanes vs. #‎Canadiens, Sept. 20)

- Regina, Sask. (#‎Flames vs. #Islanders, Sept. 17)

- San Antonio, Texas (#Stars vs. #Panthers, Sept. 20)

- Saskatoon, Sask. (#Flames vs. #Senators, Sept. 16 and #Bruins vs. Jets, Sept. 27).

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Interesting city choices. A number of them look like they are testing expansion possibilities

Barrie (north of Toronto, closer to Markham without being obvious)

Quebec City

Las Vegas

Saskatchewan (is growing very rapidly)

my bet is most of these cities are names being thrown around for expansion

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