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Sedins versus Hossa/Gaborik


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Back in 2009 there was tons of speculation Gillis was going to change the face of the franchise. Rumors had it that gillis was going to let the Sedins walk and sign both Hossa and Gaborik. They would be joining fellow countryman, the late Pavol Demitra.

Now we all know we signed the Sedins instead. We also know the Sedins went and played elite superstar level hockey. Winning art Ross trophies consecutively. Meanwhile Gaborik continued his usual output, but avoiding injuries moreso. And Hossa went on to win 2 cups.

If you could change history. Sign Hossa and Gaborik. And let the Sedins walk. Would you?

(this thread is made in the assumption both Hossa and Gaborik were 100% committed to signing here :) )

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Fraser has multiple cups too.

Sedins stats wise are better playoff performers than not only Hossa but the golden boy Johnathon Toews, just because this team has folded doesn't mean they have. When everyone else has disappeared these guys have still produced for us.

Saying they aren't playoff players and acting like they are completely invisable come playoff time is just unbelievably ignorant and flat out wrong.

Where was Hossa in this years finals?

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The twins but up numbers year after year, You can't solely blame them for not having a cup...look at the team Hossa played on when he won those cups, If the twins played on Det, Pitts or the Hawks I have no doubt in my mind that they would have a few cups.

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