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hahahahahahaha ur an idiot if u think bettman is out to get the canucks. he's doing his job and just because he's expanding south doesn't mean he hates Canada. i bet you thought he was the one who ordered the refs to be so bad in the sj series too huh? what a joke. he's done more for this league than anyone ever has.

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Well...the MLB let their umpire hold a presser & talk to the media post-game to apologize for blowing a call that took away a young pitcher's perfect no-hitter. That official then became the instant poster-fella for "integrity" & an incident that was at 1st controversial & ugly.....was swiftly righted & turned into the feel-good story of the year!

What does Gary do - you ask? Well - his NHLOA are directed to tells his refs to shut-up,... no pressers , no interveiws...& no post-game explanations about any of their calls or management-styles in NHL games to the press. I believe that this sort of muzzling.....protects no one - but the conspirators & the guilty.

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