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Best Available At #9 In NHL Draft In June


Best Prospect Available At #9  

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PPG wise NichIcantspellhisnamewithoutlooking

For what the Canucks needed? Horvat

Nichasksgdsdg wouldn't have cracked the line up I don't think unless he was god-like, and if he was, he would have been taken in the top 5 :\.

Horvat was the better/safer pick and was what the Canucks need... Depth down the middle = depth down the wings as well.. You can never have too many people taking face-offs.

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Best available prospect that benefits the organization in the long term (taking into account risk/reward factor) - Horvat

Best available prospect in regards to pure skill, talent and overall potential ceiling - Nichushkin

The Canucks are not in a situation to be gambling on prospects hoping the dice land the right way. If given the option to trade Schneider for either a guy that:

A.) Has a 50/50 chance of becoming a Jordan Stall or a Taylor Pyatt

B.) A guy who's much more likely to settle into a type of David Backes character

I would definitely go with B

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Horvat is either going to be the next Linden, or the next Sandlak. I'm leaning toward the Linden side..... I'm just happy we have some good prospects who are going to scrap for a spot at camp. Canucks may have some surprises too from prospects who jump up.

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