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Best Available At #9 In NHL Draft In June


Best Prospect Available At #9  

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After reading a few posts in this thread, I can't help but reply to the specific posts about the possibility of 'waiving' Luongo.

Those people are sniffing glue and need to stop.

Why would you put your franchise goalie (who btw is a leader in a number of stats) on WAIVERS? Are you serious?

Also, I believe Luongo has a NMC (no movement clause), so putting him on waivers is not an option.

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I thought it was a NMC. But if it's not it doesn't matter, management was never going to dump him for nothing. They value him alot more than the average Luongo hater.

If Gillis wanted to save a bit of face it would have been through a buyout. Ownership wouldn't allow him to do that, so he pretty much had his hands tied.

At the end of the day, I'll take a number 1 goalie and a bluechip prospect over nothing.

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Nickushkin is a Russian who could revert back to the KHL at any time unless given icetime. He's a talented player. but I didn't like him in an interview with the Stars a month ago. He sounded like he's expecting icetime to me.

Horvat a more rare kind of player and was the better pick out of the 2 of them.

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