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Iran beats Philippines in FIBA Asia championship game


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Iran took gold with another double-digit win as they overtook the Philippines in the Asia Basketball Championships final 85-71 (discuss).

Led by Hamed Haddadi – the Iranians won each one of their games by more than 10 points — including a 90-point in over Malaysia in the preliminary round — finishing with a perfect 9-0 record in the 27th Asia Championships of Basketball.

The Philippines played without their starting center Marcus Douthit for the second straight game, so the 7-2 Haddadi continued his strong interior play unimpeded; dominating the smaller Gilas Filipinas team with 29 points and 16 rebounds in the title game.

Samad Nikkhah Bahrami scored 19 points and dished 7 assists. Mahdi Kamrany added 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Oshin Sahakian contributed a double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds.

All in all, those four starter scored 75 of Iran’s 85 points.

On the other side, the starting five struggled for the Philippines. Three reserve players led the team in scoring; Jayson Castro scored a team high 18 points, veteran guard Jimmy Alapag added 13, and Ranidel De Ocampo added 9 points off the bench.

The 6-11 Douthit’s 11 points and nearly 10 rebounds were sorely missed against the Iranians. He was injured earlier in the tournament and sat out the last two games.

With 20,000+ raucous fans cheering them on, the President of Benigno Aquino III, and boxing superstar and national icon Manny Pacquiao in the stands – the short-handed Gilas Pilipinas took a lead in the first quarter.

They would also take a brief lead early in the third quarter on two free throws from Jayson Castro before Iran seized the game with 10 straight points.

With the win, Iran has now won three of the last six Asia Basketball Championships. Haddadi was named MVP of the tournament – his third Asiabasket MVP trophy.

Despite the second place finish, the Philippines is guaranteed a spot in next year’s Basketball World Cup. They join Iran and Korea, who grabbed the final spot with their win over Taiwan in the third place game.

Discuss the tournament results, players, awards in our Asia Championships of Basketball forum.

Iran-Philippines boxscore (FIBA)

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Wow, had no idea we were that good at Basketball...!

I like it. Hopefully we can bring over some more Iranian talent to play in the NBA, I don't really follow basketball at all so I wouldn't know of any potential young guys that are projected to make it aside from Haddadi but if someone could fill me in that'd be great.

I'm already getting jitters for the World Cup, don't tell me I gotta start following basketball now too? :D

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It's all semantics.

Here is a map.


Europe and Asia are considered "continents" as you all say, but look how how they are geographically attached. They are only separated by a human-created border but they ARE part of the same land mass. Therefore, you could argue that the ENTIRE landmass (comprising of Europe and Asia) could be called one name - but they're not.

Mexico is part of what is called "The Americas", which INCLUDES Canada/America/Mexico. They are connected to the same land mass.

So "Asia" seems to be a regionalized name for an area - not so much that they're different land masses that can be called different continental names.

Why isn't Europe considered 'part of Asia'? Right, because the European elitists didn't want to be thought of "Asian". Asians were totally uncool in history in the eyes of Europeans.

Same reason why Russia was flip-flopping between being a European country and an Asian country when it was suitable for its interests (European supremacy versus Asian connection with China/Korea etc). Therefore, if Russia could claim either one - why not Europe? It's history NOT GEOGRAPHY that has dictated the distinction between Europe and Asia.

Australia is a continent. Africa is a continent. But Europe is basically Western Asia (semantically speaking) by virtue of the fact that it is geographically connected to the massive landmass.

Now, going back to Iran, what is the difference between Iran and Europe, geographically speaking? Nothing. They are not separated like Africa or Australia.

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Geologically speaking Asia and Europe are on the same tectonic plate (Eurasian) so you could make a case for them being the one continent in that respect. It makes scientific sense for you to do so. But for whatever reason (probably a cultural one) humans decided to differentiate between the two and it's now widely accepted that they are two different continents. If you define a continent as a tectonic plate then you have many more than the 7 we currently have e.g. India would be a continent of it's own. It's all very much dependent on how you define the word "continent".

It's generally widely accepted that Iran is part of Asia though, based on the fact that most people are familiar with the geographical definition rather than the geological one.

I've had to retype this about 6 times... for whatever reason I can't think straight today :picard:

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