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If it was possible and you had the choice, would you have kept Erhoff and move Edler instead?


If you had the choice, would you have kept Erhoff instead of Edler?  

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Three things:

1) 10 year term is absolutely ridiculous, particularly for a defenseman of his age and type.

2) Ehrhoff's comment that he went to Buffalo to "win the Stanley Cup" :lol:.

3) Regarding Ehroff's 50 pts in 2011.... Edler had 49 the next season. People can complain all they want about Edler's inconsistent defensive play, but he's a better two way player than Ehrhoff, and brings an element of 'keep your head up' to the blueline that is something the puck moving Ehrhoff doesn't offer. Different types of players, but I don't miss Ehrhoff anywhere near as much as the nostalgic folks on CDC for whom the likes of Ehrhoff, Shirokov, Grabner, etc make up the missing link to Cups that should have been....

No regrets whatsoever from a Canuck perspective.

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