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Weird Sandwich Thread

Cyril Sneer

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I was starving, I had very little resources so I made with what I had.

I made a toasted Nutella and tomato sandwich with salt and pepper, it was awesome.

Anyone else create an awesome sandwich by mistake and lived to tell the tale?

Another one of my favorites is adding pepper to toast and peanut butter.

Please share your weirdness

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Once on an outdoor ed trip, during a 24 hour solo, I caught two trout for dinner. After gutting and cleaning the fish my teacher stopped by for the days check up and told me it was too dry for a fire. Now I hadn't brought any food on my solo because I had anticipated catching the fish, and all I had in my pack was ketchup packets and juice crystals. That was probably the worst dinner of my life.

The trout were pretty good for breakfast the next day though. And the six day hiking trip was amazing after that.

Not a sandwich, but people have posted weird combos above me.

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