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Weird Sandwich Thread

Cyril Sneer

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Buggers had me craving a sandwich for din last night!

Not weird (I don't think anyway) but tasty:

Some "Herbes de provence" goat cheese, crisped up prosciutto, lettuce from our garden, avocado, Keen's hot mustard and some spicy garlic aioli on multigrain toast...mmmm

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Guest Gumballthechewy

This went from "Weird Sandwich Thread" to "Delicious Sandwich Thread"! :P

Also I forgot, me and a buddy, when we were kids, fried up some perogies and toasted some bread and slapped together some perogi sandwiches with sour cream, strips of bacon, seasoned salt, dried chives. also we buttered the bread.

So basically it was just perogies on toast! :lol:

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