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The Post Yo Pet Thread...

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On 12/26/2019 at 3:03 AM, brilac said:

RIP Sally.  I will always love you. 


          06/30/05 - 12/26/19




Funny Sally moments / fun facts: 


Loved watching hockey with Brilac.  Perked right up when the Montreal Canadiens came on.  

Went up to the TV once and batted at the puck while watching Canada play another team during the Olympics.

Loved kitty treats just as much as Brilac loves dessert and candy. 

Guarded the apartment like a dog.  Starred at people walking by, and starred at the neighbors outside.

Loved only one type of cat nip toys.

Got her at 6 weeks. She was the last kitten at the pet store and on sale for $10.00.  She was not an attractive cat, but grew into a pretty cat.

Brought me home a feather each day and placed it on my bed.  This was when we lived on the Olympic Peninsula.

Would watch me walk to work.  I would leave for work, and a neighbor told me that 5 minutes after leaving, she would walk to the end of the sidewalk and watch me. 

My mittens became her cat toy.   She would move the mittens around the apartment each day, putting them side by side in a different spot.  Once I put them up high in the closet, and she immediately jumped up in the closet, and took them one by one with her mouth, dropping them over the railing. 

We were buddies.  It was like we were on the same wave length.  

A pet sitter told me once that I was Sally's perfect person.  

Sally was a one person cat.  Only liked one person, but tolerated others.  Some, not so much. 

She didn't let the pet sitter in once.  That was an interesting call...






Sorry for your loss.

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