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The Post Yo Pet Thread...

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Hope this works, as I have never posted a picture before (so I'm assuming this won't show up). This is my French Bulldog, Alice. Don't really have a good picture of my other dog available at this time. EDIT: Looks like it didn't work. My computer knowledge doesn't go past basic typing. Posting pictures and videos seems to be a fatal flaw that I have.

1. go here:http://tinypic.com/

2. follow the step by step instructions

3. copy the IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards

4. paste the IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards here

5. ????

6. Profit

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Guest Gumballthechewy

there've been a lot of pets posted in this edition of this thread.

..but no hamsters. :(

i wanna see some hamsters.

Then get me one of them cameras they shove in your butt and all show you hamster!

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Ours was a rescue. Got him from http://www.sarasociety.com/ ...you?

I looked at rescues and shelters to start, but we were often shut down immediately after we mentioned our two chihuahuas. We had a rottie/boxer cross with them before with no issues, and I wanted another big(ger) dog but any I asked about they wouldn't even consider it beyond the first phone call.

I saw two great danes online at a rescue when we first started looking and I only got a minute long call before the lady said no due to our small dogs. Same idea with other calls, until we actually got to see one at the Coquitlam shelter we liked but they were still very hesitant to even have our dogs meet. He was very focussed on our small dogs though, so he wouldn't have worked out, but that was the only dog through a shelter/rescue that we even got to that point with.

We were still planning on looking around at shelters, but when we saw the litter our guy came from through a private sale we knew he was the one right away.

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  • 8 months later...


Gilly as a Kitten. Sadly I didn't get that many photos of her actually awake when she was small cause she was CRAZY zooming everywhere. I miss her being this small. sighs.


Gilly and I being cheeky this was a few years back :)


Something tells me that Gilly doesn't like halloween as much as I do :bigblush:


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