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Ben Ferriero a diamond in the rough?


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Hearing about the signing of this guy got me very excited.. I think he's a guy that's going to surprise and make the Canucks on a 3rd or 4th line role.. He's the guy that scored the game winner in game 1 of the San Jose vs Detroit series in 2011..


It also seems like he's motivated to make the team from the link above..

I feel he can be the guy that comes in during the playoffs and scores some clutch goals and plays surprisingly well..

I think Gillis hit a home run with this signing.

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I think he's one of those players caught in the middle of being too good for the AHL but not quite good enough for the NHL.

It's not unthinkable to think that he could break out at 26 and find a place in the NHL. Lots of players have done it.

At this point I don't see him being more than our number 2 or 3 call up after guys like Jensen and Hamill.

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Yeah i'm not drinking that koolaid.

More potential in Santorelli. He's a shootout ace to boot. But i'm not expecting much from any of our cap compliance-type pickups.

JoSchro's the guy who has to step it up. At $600k, there's no excuse not to have him in the lineup.

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