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Sign Douglas Murray If Tanev Negot. Fall Apart?

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This is purely hypotheical since MG would have to be absolutely stupid to let Tanev walk. With that being said Douglas Murray is still unsigned and we are almost a month(ish) away from training camp. Since people keep saying the Canucks are soft, and that they have no grit, and/ or no bite why not add the big Swed. Although he may not be the "best" guy out there he most certainly fits the John Tortorella style of play. He is big, loves to hit, can block shots, and clear the crease. He isn't a fast skater, and he doesnt score points but he does something Tanev can't, HIT and be an intimidating figure on the ice.

Now, He is 33 and is strictly a stay-at-home defenseman, nothing different there in comparison to Tanev, but he can still play at a high level despite his age. My idea, sign him for 2 years @ 2 Mil per (his previous salary was 2.5 mil but since no one has shown interest in him and since he is getting older this seems like a fair amount).

Where He Would Fit In The Lineup:

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Weber

Garrison Murray

(Alberts) (Corrado)

With Murray being on the third pairing with Garrison, Garrison would be able to pinch in and play around in the offensive zone all he wants while Murray would anchor the blue line.

Other Benefits:

As previously stated the "Intimidation Level" that Murray brings is astounding, not only will people worry about Kassian knocking them out, but having Murray running after you is a next level of scary, if someone were to touch our star players.

He would benefit greatly under Torts "Defensive" style of play, blocking shots, checking people through the glass, protecting/clearing the crease for our goalies.

By signing Murray we WOULDNT have to rush Corrado into the lineup, Gillis has even said that he would like to give Corrado at least another season or two in the minors to develop a more well rounded skill set before giving him a shot at a roster spot, signing Murray would accomplish this.

Murray > Alberts IMO I would rather have a guy that has played a consistent role in the NHL for the past 8 years then have a guy who has been benched for roughly half of the games in the last 3 years.

Once again this is PURELY HYPOTHETICAL

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Weber in our top 4, really? This is Yannick Weber we're talking about, not Shea. And no way I'd take Murray for $2M per, he's too slow. $1M or less and maybe, but nothing above that. He's gonna be looking for a 1 year rebound contract like Torres had with us a couple years back.

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Other than your terrible use of the english language, and poor estimate of salary, I wouldn't mind Murray as our 6th/7th on the back end at around 1M per.

I prefer the other suggestions of putting together a package for franson/cowan using tanev if negotiations fall apart completely.

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