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Okay I gotta know... Why is Pronger still on LTIR when he's retired?

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Hope he gets hit in the head again while he isn't playing.

Serves him right for playoff so dirty and concussing player after player. Dirt bag tried ending keslers career too... hopefully his son hits him with a football?

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This is being treated in the right way IMO. It's reasonable for a team to expect that a player signing a 35+ contract may decline and not be good enough, or just not want to play. It's NOT reasonable to expect the player to suffer a career-ending injury.

We did the exact same thing to an extent last season with Manny.

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(I posted this on HF, but i expect it to be locked because it questions things. Can't have that.)

He is by all accounts retired. But because he's not saying it, the Flyers can put him on LTIR for the duration of the 35+ contract that he signed in 2009.


I also read a SI article 'Chris Pronger has a Headache' that goes into how he was depressed to the point of almost being suicidal. He cannot tolerate bright lights of any kind, let lone those shining on a reflective sheet of ice. And he can't play ball with the kids without his head starting to throb.

He's not coming back. He is retired from hockey.

So i'm sorry, but isn't this LTIR for a retired player thing just another form of cap circumvention? Esp. when you consider the spending spree the just had this off-season? With Pronger on the books, they're over the cap.

I feel for Pronger in this situation. I also understand why he doesn't want to call it a career. He doesn't want to put Philly in a bad situation and he still wants to be paid. But he's had a great career already. It's over now. Shouldn't it be the right thing for him to call it? Or are people going to be asking this in 2016/17, the last year of his final contract?

Meanwhile, if find it kinda funny that NJ can get out of a jam by Kovy saying he is retired when he's not and then Philly can get out of a jam by having Pronger not say he's retired when he is.

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