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Hockey Helmet Question/Help

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Hey everyone. So I've been playing ice hockey and hockey in general for sometime. My friends asked me to join a team of theirs for roller hockey and I said yes. However this league, it demands that every player needs not only just a helmet but a visor too at the very least. I see nothing wrong with it and am obviously going to have to follow the rule but had a question mind; should I wear a full shield or should I wear a visor? Now I'm asking because for the most part of when I've played hockey, I played with just a helmet and no visor. Just curious to know what will be best for me and easiest to adapt to and most similar to playing without any visor at all. ...also, cages are out of play right away as I just can't stand them. Tried it a few times before and couldn't adjust to it for the life of me. So with that, here's my perspective on the 2 different options:




I personally think that a full shield would be easiest for me to adapt to and would make life easier. I say this b/c I've played majority of my hockey without any visor, and thing about it is that there is nothing obstructing your vision and you can see the entire ice. The same way, I think a full shield will work similarly just due it being a full glass infront of you and having the same characteristics that you can see the entire ice and not have your vision blocked. That's just what I think, so I'm not sure. Other questions I have about is will the full shield fog up or/and get scratched on? The links I've posted, it says the shield is fog proof and has a coating of protection against scratches but want to know if it's true and actually works or not. If anyone has hand any experience using a full shield with first hand experience, a reply would be most appreciated and effective. Another thing I'm not concerned but just curious about is the ventilation. It says the air holes are placed in a way that you get plenty of air. Want to know if anyone has had a problem before with ventilation and also, from the 2 links posted, which helmet is best or are the practically the same thing but just a money scheme and also if the full cage will attach to any helmet or is there a particular helmet it will only work for? What I really like about a full shield is that it gives certified protection and at least what I think is that you can clearly see the ice.




Right off the bat want to ask if anyone knows the difference between a straight visor and a wave visor. When I know, I guess I'll be able to find out which I'll like better as it'll be a choice based of preference and knowing what advantage each visor gives. Unlike a full shield, I have played hockey for a minuscule time with a visor. It's not bad, but I just didn't like it on overall and idk why. The visor comes to the midway point of your nose and kind of in a way obstructs your vision. It's like you see the top half of your vision differently than the bottom half (due to the visor) and it's not a big thing, but is an annoying thing that just bugs me. Also want to know if visors attach to any helmet or do they only work for certain helmets. I got used to the visor after a few games but still never liked the vibe of it but maybe it's because I never gave it a chance? I played 2 games with it and a few games here/there but never had the patience to adapt to it fully so who knows. Another thing is that now that I'm going into a league demanding of at least a visor, might as well take the full shield cause it gives you guaranteed protection unlike the visor which gives you 50/50 protection compared to it. I've seen a number of times a guy gets hit in the face because a stick goes up under the helmet, hits the bottom of the visor and redirects it right into his face and don't like the sounds of that. It's unfortunate but something that seems to happen when I've been playing. You might think its weird that all of a sudden I'm asking about protection considering I've played basically all my hokey with just a helmet and no other attachments,but now that I have to choose to put on an attachment, might as well get the one that gives you guaranteed security.

...so that's my perspective on full shields and visors and would like to know what you guys and gals think of them and would really prefer replies from people who've actually played with them with first hand experience but I'm still open to hearing everyone's thoughts. A reply containing pros and cons of each would be appreciated and also answering some of the questions which asked up top. My main goal is to get one thing that will allow me to adapt the easiest and most importantly, will give me the clearest vision/least obstruction when playing.

If you've made it here, want to say thanks for reading the pretty long post and that I am eager to listen to your responses - hopefully your opinions and responses will take out any doubts/questions I had and ultimately will peruse me to making my decision on whether to get a full shield or visor.

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When I played Army hockey, we had to wear full cages and we hated it because we had the best medical/dental in Canada. I played rec last year in Victoria and came close a couple times to losing a couple chicklets and I no longer had any medical/dental.

I'd go with a full cage and protect that grill. Same thing about my eyes, I only have 1 good eye and if I lose sight in my right eye, i'll be legally blind.

I have an Oakley classic straight, It's a nice visor..really durable, still no scratches and I just throw it in my bag wrapped in a pillow case.

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Alright, thanks a ton all you guys. Really taking this into consideration and want to get a last opinion from you guys - I'm thinking if getting a full shield and using that shampoo technique before every game or every time I use if; that sound like it'll work?

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I wore a Bauer pro straight for awhile and never had any issues with vision or fogging with it, I just had to spray it with some anti fog spray before games. I've switched over to cage now because of a couple close calls. Have you ever considered looking at a better cage? If you get a chance, look at the Bauer Reakt cage, it's a lot better than the cheaper thick and heavy cages imo. The wires on the Reakt are thinner and more spaced out so it doesn't get in the way as much and it's also way lighter than other cages.

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Which Roller Hockey league are you playing at? We don't have mandatory visors in our league. However ASHL is making visors mandatory this fall so I need to get one.

I have never played with a visor and have never had a mouth guard. Although I should. Using a visor is going to be weird for me

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