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Where can I buy a laptop for a good price?


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I do like Asus quite a bit better than Acer, but i dont see any good deals on Asus laptops right now. Even though the sale for that laptop ends today, I would say it is a pretty standard deal that pops quite often so don't be in a rush for this particular deal.

If you are going to buy it, definitely play around with it in the store for a bit to see if it's fast enough for you (try opening a bunch of things at once, try loading up youtube at higher resolution and see if the video gets choppy or not. I'm not talking about load speed because that would depend on the internet connection's speed). Apart from the processing speed, try out the keyboard, touchpad, play some music/video to test the speakers. Try to see how warm the bottom of the computer is getting and if the fan tends to be really loud or not.

I still think you'll hopefully be able to get a better one for maybe $20 or $30 more on sale around the first week of september/labour day from futureshop or best buy.

What does anyone else think of the E processor?

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