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Andrew Alberts? Where are we with him?


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I guess I was watching a different Alberts then you guys. All I remember is Alberts getting benched alot after directly causing more goals for the opposition then any other Canuck. I would be amazed if an NHL team picked him up.

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Baring trades and assuming Tanev is signed, the Canucks have room for at most one veteran defenceman and he has to be cheap -- mkuch cheaper than Alberts was last yeat.

Alberts did a decent job last year but there are several guys out there who would probably be an upgrade. MG is probably waiting until the end of summer when unsigned UFAs will start to get desparate and will probably pick up the best available guy who will sign for a low salary. Than could be Alberts.

Most other teams are either at or close to the cap or have a pretty full roster or would rather play young guys. There is some chance Alberts falls through the cracks.

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