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‘Disappointed’ Sens GM Murray says Alfie misinformed

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Meanwhile, the NHL won’t be looking back on any potential cap circumvention:

It didn’t take long for Senators general manager Bryan Murray to respond, unhappily, to Daniel Alfredsson’s insinuation that the club broke its promise to compensate the former captain, now a member of the Detroit Red Wings, for playing the 2012-13 season for just $1 million.

“I can say this: I’m disappointed,” Murray told the Ottawa Sun. “It seems Alfie isn’t totally informed of what went on. That had to do with [agent J.P. Barry] didn’t tell me the truth during the week. He kept saying ‘I can’t get in touch with Alfie. I will get back to you with a number.’

“He never got back to me. I never heard back from him after the phone call on Tuesday (before free agency). Alfie called me himself on Thursday night to tell me that he was leaving. I said to J.P. during the earlier conversations I can’t pay you $7 million. That’s what they asked for for the year.

“I offered $4.5 million. I said, ‘Both of us hopefully are flexible and we will talk.’ (Barry) said he would get back to me. I just took for granted that would happen and it never happened. I never heard back. I have not heard from J.P. since the $7 million (demand in New York) Saturday meeting we had. It was $12 million for two years and $7 million for one. That’s disappointing.”

As for Alfredsson’s claim that the original plan was to retire before the 2012-13 season, and that the $1 million salary was only tacked on to bring the cap hit down, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly does believe that amounted to circumvention of the CBA rules. However…

Bill Daly believes cap circumvention was "rampant" under last CBA, which is why rules were changed in new one.—

Chris Johnston (@reporterchris)

Daly added that a thorough investigation would be needed to determine if Alfie/Sens violated CBA. But the NHL won't be looking back.—

Chris Johnston (@reporterchris)

JP Barry of CAA Sports says Alfredsson was kept abreast of the negotiations every step of the way. Comments will be on our website soon.—

Bruce Garrioch (@SunGarrioch)


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Alfie could have and very well should have retired a Sen. That being said, plenty of players before him have wound up on an American O4 team trying to get a cup handout.

Odds are good.

4 out of the last 6 cup winners and 8 out of the last 12 cup finalists have been American O4 teams. Makes you wonder if NY is due for a payout.

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But we, and many other teams, are being punished for the long, back diving, cap hit lowering contracts via the Luongo Rule (Cap Recapture Penalty). Since Alfie finished his contract, the Sens can't be punished via that method and are off the hook.

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Ottawa columnist rips Alfie for ‘going to a dump like Detoilet’:

It’s a slow August Friday, so let’s shake it up a bit with a column from Matt Cooke’s favorite sports writer, the Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan.

In his latest piece, Brennan expressed disappointment that former Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson was willing to throw away his Ottawa legacy to go to, of all places, Detroit.

He acknowledged the move was all about the money.

Without repeating Alfredsson’s chronology of how it all went down, the bottom line is he would have been handsomely rewarded had he stayed put. As well paid as he will be with the Red Wings? Maybe, or maybe a few hundred thousand shy of that. So a guy who has earned between $60-70 million from the Senators is going to a dump like Detoilet — and if you have ever visited Motown’s downtown, you can’t object to that classification — over a measly mil?

It’s nice that he’s taking the family on a “new adventure,” but the Alfredssons aren’t exactly on their way to Disney World. The boys are being torn from their friends and schools and hockey programs, and while their new house is sure to be in a ritzy neighbourhood, it’s not like Hugo and Loui will be able to play road hockey outside Joe Louis Arena while dad is at practice. The sticks would be stolen out of their hands.

Brennan, who said that Alfredsson revealed himself as “just another greedy athlete,” ended his piece with some strong words for Sens owner Eugene Melnyk.

Is Alfredsson, at age 40, worth $7 million a year? Of course not. As strictly a player, like he will be in Detroit, he’s valued about right at $3.5 million plus bonuses. But for all he’s done as a Senator, what he means to Ottawa and what he can still bring, $7 million is a bargain.

If Melnyk doesn’t see that, or couldn’t afford such an amount while acquiring Bobby Ryan, then we should all be worried for the Senators.


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Seems like that JP Barry guy is a bad agent...idk but I can't remember from who or where, but I hear he's one of the best agents out there but also has a bad rep.

...sucks for Sens especially since Alfie signed in Detroit for $5.5 mill.

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