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[Proposal] Long term Jannik Hansen

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I propose a long term extension for Hansen; 8 years @ 2.5M per.

When I look at Hansen's production I always sort of compare him to Tomas Holmstrom of the Redwings. A late round pick, a staple in the lineup, a single franchise player, and a heart guy. Hansen has been deemed the hardest working player during practice.

I think middle 6 forwards are looking for term more than money and in 3-4 years this contract could be a steal.

He may not have 50 points seasons like holmstrom, but I don't think the player comparison is that off, especially if Hansen can figure out how to produce on the PP, he is already a staple on the PK.

An 8 year contract extension would make Hansen 37, while this may seem old, I would like to remind you that Hansen has been one of our most durable players the last few seasons.

Just my thoughts, what would you offer for such a great 3rd liner?

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