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Canucks training camp dates question?


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The last source I quoted seems to be the most detailed. That one suggests there will be a five day training camp (Sept. 11-15) and then preseason starting on Sept. 16th.

The other source says a two day camp (Sept. 11-12) and preseason on Sept.13th.

From what I've heard, Torts likes to run a tough, vigorous, and fairly long camp before starting the preseason schedule. A two day camp doesn't fit with those aims so I'm banking that the five day camp will be correct.

As far as whether or not there will be anything at UBC, I'm betting that there won't be and everything will take place at Rogers Arena. Both the 2011-12 camp and the post-lockout January 2013 camp were at Rogers Arena. If I was going to guess, I'd say that the players will likely report for medicals and some media availability in the morning on September 11th, possibly followed by a short on-ice session later that afternoon. Main camp should start in earnest on September 12th.

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