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Worst trade porposal ever

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I've seen bad proposals from some members, peachy and pears for instance, but this one took the cake. Makes you wonder if a person like this has even watched more than three games of hockey. Just :picard:

YOU accusing others of making bad proposals? :lol:

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I have admitted error in some of the proposals I have made. Show me a bad proposal I have made and not corrected? :)

edit: by the way, is that a penguins player at the bottom of all your posts? haha wow, now canucks.com is allowing penguins fans on this board? This is too much :picard:

First you accuse me of being a Leafs fan because I think Clarkson is a good hockey player (which he is), now you accuse me of being a Penguins fan because I have a Malkin signature? Troll confirmed. I take it these posts are why you got banned from the HF boards as well?

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Anything involved with these players going: The Twins, Kes, Lu, Burr, Edler, Juice, Raymond, Bert, Nazzy, Clouts, Jovo, Schnieds, and high picks. There are more, but those come to mind.

With these players coming back, usually in some insane scenario: Kovalchuk, Sid, Ovie, Parise, Weber, Malkin, Kessel, Lucic, Price, Doan, Carcillo, Asham, all 17 of the Stall brothers, Sakic, Brodeur, Gaborik, J-Bow, Iginla, Hossa, Heatley, Letang, Subban, every others club's top 5 draft picks...etc.

Good times.

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