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Post and i'll say something nice about you

Twilight Sparkle

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this is one night only. no exceptions. if you miss your turn once i'm through, then tough ****

this thread is to bring some integrity back to this forum, back to white noise. i will make you feel good about yourself (if you're lucky, it might even come to my expense)

it depends on how well i know, or about your character and/or gimmick, where you'll get a solid 110% effort from me. if i have no idea who you are, don't be discouraged. there is still something there for you

*responses will probably be delayed

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you're actually one of my favourite posters right now, and right now, there are very few, so you're in a select group of people. but don't be discouraged that they didn't have any seedspitter. anything else you decide to drink is all right

idk if your significant other, or partner, appreciate your company as much as the great people of cdc do. you round out our roster quite nicely

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