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[Signature Wars] Battle #3


[Signature Wars] Battle #3  

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- First 8 artists to sign up will go head to head in making a sig using a provided image in a tag-team style battle

- Once the 8 artists are selected, only then will the picture/render be revealed

- Artists have a maximum of 72 hours from the time of picture being posted to finish their sig and PM me (RobertoLuongo.)

- Sig must be within board limits (400x200)

- A poll will be created to allow members of the Forum to vote for the best sig

- Winner will choose next week's picture/render


As the winner of last week's battle, PriceIsRight31 will get to choose the image used this week. To be fair, PriceIsRight31 will not be eligible to compete this week, as seeing the image beforehand is an unfair advantage.



As suggested and supported by users, we will be doing a collaboration theme this week (essentially a tag-team challenge). We will have 4 teams competing head-to-head, whereby the teams are randomly selected by a number system that I will create. Essentially, each artist to sign up will be assigned a number, and I will randomly draw the names to create the teams. The teams will be posted once all spots have been taken up.

Teams must work on the sig together, using the .PSD file to share between yourselves (or any other method if you can agree upon). Sigs that been worked on by one individual and submitted as a team will be disqualified (should be obvious through artists' styles if it has been worked on collectively or individually).

For artists that are beginning out, this is a great way to get feedback on your sigs. Working with someone layer by layer really helps in the sig making process, and will payoff huge if you wish to continue making sigs.

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Looks as if the team concept will not fly this week, too bad.

We will have a fatal-4-way contest instead, sorry for the delayed start.

JimLahey v. JJC v. avelanch v. eQuilbrium

Whenever PriceIsRight31 posts the picture, the clock will start :)

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We are getting close to the 24hr warning for the deadline to submit your sigs, I thought I would post this as a reminder so that everyone knows.

I have only 1 sig in at this point, so I hope to see a few more in my inbox by tomorrow :)

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