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The Travel Thread: post your travel photos

Mainly Mattias

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I used to live in Mexico with two of my friends. We went there right after high school graduation and lived in a one bed hotel room. We'd have a weekly rotation of bed, cot and floor sleeping arrangements. The place was right on the border of Jalisco and Nayarit states (we used to cross state lines to get to the gas station or this sports bar that used to play Canucks games).

I worked as a bartender, one of my friends worked as a cook in this Japanese/Mexican fusion restaurant and the other did some lame entertaining job where he'd have to sing and dance to "Tequila" in a speedo for the guests about four or five times a day.

We ended up having our place broken into and cleaned out (likely by some unsavory characters we'd been associating with) and pretty much the police and hotel security thought we had sold our own stuff to buy drugs or something. They had people following us around daily so we got the f out of there.

I'll try to find a picture of me in my bartender uniform. Looked like I worked in a crappy Chinese food joint.

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