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NHL 14 GM Connected League [XBOX]

Beluga Whale

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This will be a GM connected league for active users. Please don't join if there's any doubt as to whether you can be an active participant in the league. Last year I created a league that remained active for 4 seasons and I have no doubt this one will as well.

Team selections have begun!

Basic Rules:

  • Superstar Difficulty

  • 5-7 minute periods (depends on what everyone wants)

  • Normal NHL Rules

  • Team Play is not Allowed

  • 2 week periods which will be simmed every 4 days

More advanced rules will be posted shortly.

Commissioner: /user/83671-beluga-whale/">Beluga Whale - ZSElite

Assistant to the Commissioner: /user/94009-canucksfan9191/">canucksfan9191 - SURREYKILLER91

Assistant to the Commissioner: /user/56264-lordyoshii/">LordYoshii - Lord Yoshii

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

small.png Boston Bruins - /user/56954-je14/">JE14 - wB Illuminate

small.png Buffalo Sabres

small.png Detroit Red Wings - /user/121721-suhwoopgoat/">suhwoopgoat - suhwoopGOAT

small.png Florida Panthers

small.png Montreal Canadiens - /user/83671-beluga-whale/">Beluga Whale - ZSElite

small.png Ottawa Senators - /user/50810-jjc/">JJC - GenusEpaculater

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning - Nooby Jake

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs - /user/94009-canucksfan9191/">canucksfan9191 - SURREYKILLER91

Metropolitan Division

small.pngCarolina Hurricanes

small.pngColumbus Blue Jackets - x toe drag x

small.pngNew Jersey Devils - BlueIce 1794

small.pngNew York Islanders - SportyScope97

small.pngNew York Rangers - /user/63872-smashian-kassian/">Smashian Kassian - joshmac20

small.pngPhiladelphia Flyers - xdanglesaucex

small.pngPittsburgh Penguins - /user/60121-gooseberries/">Gooseberries - WiteSpaceChrist

small.pngWashington Capitals - /user/91055-jaskaranheer/">jaskaran.heer - xXx89Heer94xXx

Western Conference

Central Division

small.pngChicago Blackhawks - /user/56264-lordyoshii/">LordYoshii - Lord Yoshii

small.pngColorado Avalanche - /user/67035-go-faulk-yourself/">Go Faulk Yourself - Bull Smit

small.pngDallas Stars - /user/121831-patrick112/">patrick112 - KAVANAGHx112

small.pngMinnesota Wild - Jimmy9er

small.pngNashville Predators

small.pngSt. Louis Blues - /user/121765-flying-skate/">Flying-Skate - SwellerExpert54

small.pngWinnipeg Jets -Tagg3r1

Pacific Division

small.pngAnaheim Ducks-

small.pngCalgary Flames-

small.pngEdmonton Oilers- /user/92073-bdave/">bdave - Brett m8

small.pngLos Angeles Kings- /user/105387-og-kassian-doe/">Og Kassian Doe - Pez Banjo

small.pngPhoenix Coyotes-

small.pngSan Jose Sharks- /user/121756-bradburycody/">bradburycody - l4l Kadri l3l

small.pngVancouver Canucks - /user/121709-bleedinbluengreen/">BleedinBlueNGreen - streifel91

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  • Quitting will not be tolerated in this league. The first two offenses will result in a warning, anything after that may result in being kicked from the league.

  • If you quit a game you must enable your CPU so the GM you quit against can still have the victory. Failing to do this will result in being temporarily kicked from the league so the other GM can have a win.

  • You can quit games against the CPU.


  • Circling around in your own zone, constantly turning back and skating into your own zone is considered cheating. First offenses will be warning after that you will be kicked.

  • "Glitch goals" are not considered cheating.

Reporting Incidents:

  • If you believe your opponent has cheated or is cheating, take a photo/record it and send me the video. If you don't I can't really do anything unless I receive multiple reports of them cheating.


  • You must stay active in the league. Long unannounced absences will result in being kicked from the league.

  • If you are planning on not being online for a sim you must tell me. You also must enable your CPU or I will have to temp kick you until you get back.

  • You have to make an effort to play all your games. If I see that you are constantly not doing this you may be kicked.


  • My assistant commissioner and I will have final say on all trades. If a trade is unfair it won't be accepted. Trades can still be won, but you won't be able to fleece anyone. I will be looking at more than just overall when evaluating a trade, I will consider all aspects of the player. Draft picks will carry significantly lower value than in real life when I evaluate trades due to how ineffective they were in NHL 13.

  • Trading with the CPU is not allowed

  • Any trades I make are subject to league disapproval. I will post all trades that I make in the thread and if many GMs deem it unfair I will reject it.

I'll be adding more rules about the league soon.

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Alright the team selections will be in the order of when you joined. I'm not putting GFY second on the list as he doesn't seem very committed yet.

You can pick your teams as soon as it's your turn.

1. Beluga Whale ZSElite

2. Gooseberries WiteSpaceChrist

3. BleedinBlueNGreen streifel91

4. lordyoshi Lord Yoshii

5. bradburycody l4l Kadri l3l

6. bdave Brett m8

7.suhwoopGOAT suhwoopGOAT

8. Pez Banjo

9. SwellerExpert54

10. jaskaran.heer xXx89Heer94xXx

11. Go Faulk Yourself Bull Smit

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