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[Report] Wellwood Pursued by Swiss Team


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http://www.thefourth.../wpg130815.html --

Winnipeg Jets forward Kyle Wellwood has attracted the interest of Geneva of the Swiss National A-League, but it's not yet clear if he'll join the club.

Yesterday, Geneva signed former Edmonton Oilers left wing Lennart Petrell, and has been in negotiations

with Wellwood.

However, according to Swiss media outlet 20 Minutes, who conducted an interview earlier today with Geneva GM Chris McSorley, Wellwood will not be joining the team.

Wellwood, 29, collected six goals and nine assists for 15 points in 39 games with the Jets last season.

The native of Windsor, Ontario, has spent the last two seasons with Winnipeg, but remains an unrestricted free agent.

While Wellwood would like to stay in the NHL, it's unclear if he'll sign with a team before the start of the new season or if he'll pursue other options overseas -- it's possible Geneva could still be in the mix.

Teams in the Swiss League and the KHL have been in contact with several NHL unrestricted free agents, and if Wellwood doesn't find a job on this side of the pond, he'll likely start the 2013-14 campaign in Europe or Russia.

He's only 30 and likely has lots left in the tank.

I can see him signing with a team and being a solid 3rd/4th liner.


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I think Kyle Wellwood can really still be an impact player if put in the right situation. He continues to amaze me with his low numbers in the PIM column, and I remember his slick hands during his short tenure with the Canucks. I'm surprised no team appears to be interested in signing him, as he was nearly a 50-point player two years ago, and was paid $1.6 million last year. I wouldn't expect him to be asking much more now.

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the real problem for guys like welly , is that the nhl is 2 different leagues ... Its one league in the regular season [ perfect for welly ] , and another one in the playoffs ... [not so perfect for Welly ]

is there any other professional sports league that changes as much when the playoffs come around ? The games are even called completely differently by the referees ...

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