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Mafia: The Game [Underground] --- GAME OVER, SIGN-UP IN NEW TOPIC

Captain Aerosex

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Poor Intoewsables, I promise dude that if I'm a special or a gangsta next game, I will try to keep you alive into at least the next round. I promise. However the Vig did get a mafia though so we are off to a good start, I believe 7 members to go?

Hopefully this lynching of Blueberries can teach the other TP out there a lesson: if you are not contributing to the thread by posting substance (suspicions, theories etc), you will be targeted. One-liners etc, don't count. We need to get the mafia talking in the thread and the only way to do that is to get everyone involved (PM's aren't good enough). Get busy talking or get busy dying.

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Sorry for my lack of activity, yesterday, I was working and had to goto a BBQ, anyways i think we should wait on a Sherrif investigation before we make any moves, Master Radishes, if you could please investigate me, to clear my name from getting voted for, that would be awesome.

Also could someone explain to be a bit more about the Lackey role?

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That's ok with me Champ. Just as long as people contribute as much as possible, we have a better chance of discovering who is hiding something and who isn't. The more an individual posts (that isn't named Intoewsables of course), the less likely they will be targeted. As far as investigations are concerned, I believe someone has already been investigated this round so perhaps next round you can appeal to the sheriff (and the lackey role is explained by CA, although if you're looking for more insight into the position, I am the wrong person to provide it).

Unvote Reigning Champ

You aren't off the hook yet Champ but MR is probably doing another analysis so I will wait for that before casting my vote.

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Now that alchemy has brought to my attention the lackey thing I'm starting to think that radishes and je14 are mafia and working together to force us to vote each other out. He has so far only claimed that the sheriff is investigating said people so far. Still no merit to it yet.

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