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Mafia: The Game [Underground] --- GAME OVER, SIGN-UP IN NEW TOPIC

Captain Aerosex

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PMs have been sent out to all those with Special roles! If you didn't get a PM from me, then you're just a regular Townsperson.

The first round has now commenced. You can get straight to killing each other now :)

P.S. I decided to put in the Lackey role for this game, it joins the main set of special roles for this game (Sheriff, Doctor, Vigilante, Serial Killer, Twinblade, Mafia & Kingpin). If you like it, whoever hosts next game (be it me or somebody else) can make it a little bit of a fixture, and/or try out the Watcher or alternative Sheriff roles. Any other changes that I've made to how this game plays are mentioned on the first page.

Have fun!

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