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Mafia: The Game [Underground] --- GAME OVER, SIGN-UP IN NEW TOPIC

Captain Aerosex

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Haha sounds like someone is upset always getting killed in the first round.

But really I voted for Apples because of last round too, mostly as a joke, but would at least like to see him respond. If we have nothing to go on, really Apples is not a bad vote. We know at least he probably isn't the doctor or he would have told us all as soon as he found out!

I don't suspect him of being Mafia, but why waste a perfectly good lynching, especially if he hasn't been here to object?

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Alright, I don't have a problem with putting the pressure on a certain player to see if they'll crack. As long as we give Apples a legitimate chance to defend himself seeing as there's no real evidence against him. I suspect the Sheriff will stay quiet until tomorrow at the earliest, so doing our own investigative work is the best course of action IMO.

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